What ever you think you may have done...

You Are Forgiven.


Holy Bible


If you are truly sorry for what you've done, no matter what it is you've done, God does forgive you.

He knows in what "world" you were born into and understands more than anyone the trials we must all face. At times we do things God doesn't approve but it's the act of sin, which he detest, NOT you.

Remember, God loves you so much that he allowed his perfect son to come to earth to be sacraficed. That very act washed your sins away forever. Not for ten minutes, one hour, or for even one day, but forever! It no longer exist!

Now, don't get me wrong. This doesn't mean you can do things on purpose just to do them. I'm talking about sins that are done out of weakness or passion.

Sinning on purpose to go against God is grieving the holy spirit. This kind of sin is unforgiveable because they are done with the intention to harm others or displease God on purpose.

But I know you wouldn't do that. The guilt you have after a sin is your true nature (goodness) telling you something was done that you, yourself, don't approve.

"Should I confess my sins?" Yes, you should. To God. He can forgive and understand more than any man can. He is all knowing, all merciful, and most of all... all loving.

"When should I confess to man?" You confess to your fellow man when you know you are capable of sinning and hurting yourself, a fellow man, woman or child. Sometimes we need others to keep us from hurting other people.

How to Release Feelings of Guilt

If you ever have guilt you need to release so you can live a happy and peaceful life, do the following:

Read the entire chapter of Psalm 51 out loud.

Read it as if you're talking to God. Feel it and mean it.

Now that you know that God loves you and all your sins are no more, you should go out in the world and be happy, showing love, and forgiving others. The more you forgive others and learn to love your enemies, as the Bible suggest, the more real God's love and forgiveness will be to you.

If you can love and forgive others, why couldn't Almighty God?




God's Name

What is the symbols shown above? These symbols, my friend, is God's name written in Hebrew. His name appears almost 7,000 times in the original Hebrew text. Soon the world will know his name and know the exact pronunciation of his name. Psalms 83:18.



Website was inspired by and dedicated to Angelle Schloegel Blackwell of North Carolina. She reminded me that God's love is strong for each and everyone of us and that sometimes we need to be reminded whenever we feel lost and forgotten.

Frank Rodriguez